Publications & Presentations

Publications, Presentations, Projects, Papers

Presentation/Paper: Shape Notes & Widescreens (ACU, CHARIS, November 2017)
Hymnal Reviews: A Review-of-Two-New-Hymnals (The Artistic TheologianApril 2017)
Article: A New Psalter for a New Generation (Bulls, Spring, 2017)
Book Review: In Search of Wonder (The Artistic Theologian, 2012)

Sermons, Preaching, Teaching, Church Consulting

Worship & Singing Workshop, Part 1

Worship & Singing Workshop, Part 2

Hebrews Sermon Series at Gilmer Church of Christ, (April 2018–)

Choral Music, Conducting

Timeless Psalter Poster Session, 2016
Mozart Vespers, K. 339, Movement 1, 2017
Alice Parker & Robert Shaw’s Come Away to the Skies, 2009
Coventry Carol, arr. D. Meador, with MidCities Chamber Singers, 2016