Adventures in Hymnody…a prequel

It’s early Saturday morning…

All is quiet and unstirred in the Bulls’ household…but my mind? Not so much. I quit fighting my brain about and finally got out of bed 430 AM. This happens from time to time. But today, my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of my beloved friend Dr. Forrest McCann and his family.

So, I went into the office and worked on a part of my dissertation…hymnody, Churches of Christ and the Trinity is the subject. And i’ve been in a dry spell for longer than I’d care to share or remember.

I was first introduced to Forrest in 2004…and from the moment I walked into his home, he and Clara have treated me like family. For the last decade and a half and he’s taken me in and put me “under his wing,” always eager to talk, answer a question, or just share wisdom and stories of his almost 90 years of life.

Forrest is a giant in the field of hymnology, especially as it relates to Churches of Christ in the 20th Century, he is unknown to many except for seeing his name in the supplement to Great Songs of the Church (1974) and as editor for Great Songs Revised (1986).

He is very ill. Pray for him and his family.

I call this post a prequel to adventures in hymnody as today I find myself extremely reflective on my life’s journeys over the last 15 years. Adventures in hymnody because of the people who’ve become friends, colleagues, some even like famliy. The people I’ve met, the books I’ve been given, all because of the willingness of people like Forrest McCann to answer the phone or come to the door.

How blessed I am…

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