The Power of Song (#1)

Time after time, day after day, we experience music’s power in our lives.  Sunday after Sunday, music has that same type of power.  But how often do we claim it’s power (and the source of that power)?  How often have we become desensitized to music’s power?

I love this statement from The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada​

We believe that the holy act of singing together:
heals brokenness…
shapes faith…
transforms lives…
renews peace.

Any of you have an instance where you’ve experienced, first-hand, the power of song like this statement describes?  Would love for you to leave a comment and tell that story here!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Song (#1)

  1. Bring the Rain by Mercy Me when I was going thru brain surgery for seizures. It was a brand new release at that time and was went from God. It hit home. I’m healed now but still have tears everytime time I hear it.

  2. A little over a year ago, I sat in the church pew during worship in tears. I was very angry at God, and spent a significant portion of the worship service accusing Him of abandoning my family. My 17-year old daughter was pregnant, and I was bitter, angry, and mourning so many things. As a parent, one of my greatest fears was that my daughter would get pregnant as a teenager. I had prayed diligently and talked frequently to my daughter about it, yet despite my best efforts it still happened.
    Fast forward 7 months to March. I was at the same pew that Sunday, holding my precious grand baby. We stood up and started singing the song “This is how we overcome”, and I was swaying back and forth with Nora to the beat. when we got to he Chorus, “You have turned my mourning into dancing, you have turned my sorrow into joy”, I was overwhelmed with emotions. And there I was, crying tears of unimaginable joy. God had not abandoned us. He took a crappy situation, and brought blessings beyond what I could ever comprehend. Where I had once mourned, I was now dancing. And where there were once tears of sorrow, there were now tears of joy.
    Best worship experience ever.

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