My Favorite Heaven Song is…

In preparation for my next post, I want to do a brief “survey” here.

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite “heaven” song is and why.  Tomorrow’s post is called “Heaven is a wonderful ‘place'” where I’ll follow up on a great message I heard on Sunday from our pastor at Campus Church here in Atlanta.  Leave a comment!

26 thoughts on “My Favorite Heaven Song is…

  1. I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin is the first to come to mind. So many great songs on Heaven!

  2. There Will Be a Day – Jeremy Camp
    Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

    Both songs invite me to consider a future without tears, sadness, loneliness, and suffering. As one who bears witness to an ocean of tears and a ton of heartache, the promise of heaven is something to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong, this life and God’s creation contain many wonderful blessings, but when the whole universe is made whole and pain, disease, and death are no more… it will be a great day!

  3. Los Lonely Boys notwithstanding, I’ll go totally traditional and say “When We all Get to Heaven.” Gotta love the classics.

  4. “I Can Only Imagine”

    I talks about be side by side with him and being in his presence. How one day we will get to dance with Jesus.

  5. It is close between “When We All Get to Heaven” and “Walking Alone at Eve”. I’ll vote for “Walking Alone at Eve”. It reminds me of those I have known and loved over the years that have already departed this life, and the hope that I will be with them again some day… “with Jesus and the Blest”.

    • I love this song because it talks about how worthy God is who sits on the throne of heaven and controls everything above.

  6. There Will be a Day by Jeremy Camp. I love this song because it gives you faith that you will soon see Jesus face to face.

  7. A real oldie, I learned it from my grandfather, ‘where the roses never fade’. He loved to sing, and when the grand kids would visit we would usually end up at the kitchen table with a variety of hymnals, and people would call out their favorite song and we’d sing for hours. At the time I didn’t think that was odd, but as I type this, I realize that it was pretty remarkable… To have a dozen or so people from 6-5 years old to 80 years old sitting around singing! My grandfather was a tenor, I miss him:)

  8. When We All Get to Heaven will always be a favorite of mine. I love the anticipation of the lyric. “What a song of delight in that city so bright!” “But our joy can’t compare with the glory up there.” “Having overcome sin, Hallelujah! Amen! Will be heard in that Land o’er the foam. Every heart will be light and each face will be bright, when all of God’s singers get home.”

    Musically, I love the soaring melody and tenor lines. I remember my Paw-Paw sitting in his “assigned seat” with his eyes squinted closed and singing that tenor line from his toes! He used to really get ramped up for the chorus.

  9. For those that didn’t grow up with the “classics” the choice is few. For those of us who learned these songs while on our mother’s knee, they are en-grained in our memory and heart. It is hard to say one is a favorite over another for each speaks to a different view of that Holy City. “Above the Bright Blue” didn’t make it into Songs of Faith and Praise, so the generations of this century will probably never sing the beautiful words and melody of that beautiful song. I made sure to include it in The Paperless Hymnal, though.

  10. Two come to mind immediately. The first–On Zion’s Glorious Summit–I’ve just always loved this song. Especially the “Holy Holy Holy” ending. Even from a young age, it embodied to me what it will sound like when we’re joining with all the creatures in Heaven to worship the creator.
    The second–Revelation Song–Along the same line, it places me at the foot of the throne worshipping throughout eternity.

  11. If heaven wasn’t so far away-Justin Moore
    It talks about visiting people in heaven. it gives this feeling when you first listen to it and your like there is true meaning to it. it has true meaning to me because it reminds me of the people i have losses in my life.i can basically relate to how he feels.
    temporary home- carrie underwood
    it talks about once we leave here, the end of our life isn’t over. home the earthly home is our temporary home, but heaven is our forever home. its means a lot to me because it was the first and the last song i heard the day when my grandfather died. it has a lot of meaning to me because i rarely hear it, and the fact that it came on that day at the time it did.

  12. I’ve always like heaven songs. But one that just took me over the first time I heard it was “I Can Only Imagine.” I still brings on tears of joy to sing, “surrounded by your glory, what will my heat feel? Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still?”

  13. There Is a Habitation
    When All God’s Singers Get Home
    Sing to Me of Heaven
    Immortally Arrayed
    This World Is Not My Home
    When We All Get to Heaven
    Worthy Art Thou

  14. The why–I like plenty of songs that are looking forward to Heaven, but this hymn….it’s a narrative. The combination of text and tune has a powerful prosody. This hymn is so well known, all kinds of interpretation–and even ad libbing–is possible, and the singing is always strong. A song well-received is a worship leader’s dream. Excellent content. It’s no wonder this is an old standby in the Church.

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