Look & sing like you believe it…

Singing is (more or less), my life…either in the choir, listening to the choir, conducting or rehearsing the choir; or maybe is singing in church, or leading the singing in church…in some form or fashion, my life is full of singing.  We sing at many occasions; sad ones, happy ones, celebratory ones, educational ones…singing is there.  (Tomorrow, I’ll post one of my favorite poems about song…)  But why do we sing?  Well, for one reason, it gives voice to what we believe…or at least it should.

I heard a quote a number of years ago while working in a conducting workshop.  The quote was from the great American Choral Conductor, Roger Wagner.  He said “Look and sound like you believe what you sing…”  He goes on to talk about the importance of language, diction, energy, facial communication, and how if you don’t look and sound like you believe what you sing, no one will want to watch or let alone, sing with you.

While he’s very much speaking of music in the realm of performance, I think there is absolutely something to be gained here for those of us abide in the realm of congregational worship as well.  Specifically for us in Churches of Christ…Whether you find yourself a leader in a church who uses a solo worship or song leader or in a church that uses a praise/worship team (Stealth or stage variety), we have a responsibility to draw the congregation into participation.  This comes directly from our energy, our face, our demeanor, and conveying that we wholeheartedly believe the words we’re asking people to sing with us.  Do you lead and sing in such a way that conveys that you believe the words you’re singing and asking others to sing with you?

3 thoughts on “Look & sing like you believe it…

  1. When I sing, even when I don’t feel like it or believe the words, my heart and mind begin to change. Slowly, I begin to feel better. Slowly, I begin to believe. If I want to remain angry or in a mood, I must resist singing because it’s impossible for me to maintain my perspective once I start singing. Singing may just be a spiritual discipline.

    I just wish I could hear myself sing and harmonize in church, but sadly, that’s gone with the band blasting me out.

    • As you and I have said many times before, starting when we first experienced Taize worship together, when you sing words over and over again, they begin to seep into your soul.

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