Be A Person of Song

A number of years ago, my sister shared a quote with me from a book by author Joe Thorn titled “Note to Self.”  It continues to be a powerful quote that reverberates in the echoes of my mind rather consistently.  As I watched the host of recent college basketball playoff games, the start of the NBA playoffs and opening day of baseball season (hallelujah) a few weeks ago and all the special attention each gave to their respective National Anthem performances, I was once again reminded of the importance of the things we sing about…and of course, this quote came quickly to mind.

“People sing about the things that capture their hearts and things that give them joy. People sing of heroes, victory, longing, and hope. People even sing as a way to express their sorrow. Does anyone have more reasons to sing than you? As a sinner who has been forgiven, a slave who has been freed, a blind person who has received sight, a spiritual cripple who has been healed–all by the gospel–you have real reasons to be known as a person of song…

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