Are You A Person of Song?

People sing about the things that capture their hearts and things that give them joy. People sing of heroes, victory, longing, and hope. People even sing as a way to express their sorrow. Does anyone have more reasons to sing than you? As a sinner who has been forgiven, a slave who has been freed, a blind person who has received sight, a spiritual cripple who has been healed–all by the gospel–you have real reasons to be known as a person of song… (From Joe Thorn “Note to Self”)

Thanks for my sister for pointing me to this sure-to-be great book!

1 thought on “Are You A Person of Song?

  1. Great post, I’m thinking about my 5 year old that sings around the house all the time. It’s a great discipline…I look forward to reading this book! Thanks for pointing me that direction!

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