Do You Have A Current Favorite?

The question today is this: What is your favorite current or newer worship song/hymn?

I’ve been working on a post for later about the current outpouring of new music our churches are facing.
Bottom line is I think there’s a lot of really good stuff being written out there right now.
And I want to know if its hitting your church yet!
What new stuff has stuck with you?
What new music do you find yourself humming at the office or at home during the week?

What are your current favorites?  I think its really important we process this change that’s happening even as we speak!

Help me out and leave a comment!

33 thoughts on “Do You Have A Current Favorite?

  1. DJ- I wish we could get a hold of new music faster. Beautiful Lamb of God seems to be popular at my congregation right now. I am a personal fan of “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” I would also say I am tired of echo songs- especially men start and women echo the identical parts afterwards, as well as songs that are made up of four specific melodies (for example The Greatest Command) Do you have any recommendations for hearing about new music sooner?

    • There are a number of places…some take arranging, others are “a cappella” only. Start with the mainstream stuff and trickle down from there…
      1. Worship Leader’s “Song Discovery” (monthly subscription)
      2. Look at what is selling most in the iTunes store
      3. Keep up with what Keith & Kristyn Getty, Stewart Townend, Hillsong, Hillsong United, Gateway are putting out…they’re all “chart toppers” pretty consistently.
      4. Has all of the ZOE resources from years past

      Appreciate you! And I still have some hymnals for you to come look through anytime you’re close!

  2. 1) “O the Blood” from Gateway Worship is still at the top of my current favs.
    2) “Christ Is Risen” by Matt Maher is another one that I think could be arranged a cappella pretty easily. (I bet you’ve already beat me to the punch on that one!) 🙂
    3) “A Mighty Fortress” by Christy Nockels.. ok maybe this one if my favorite right now.
    4) “The Time Has Come” and “Stronger” by Hillsong

  3. I really like ‘God of this City’ and ‘Glory to God Forever’… Very powerful to me!

  4. How Great is our God is one of my fav. Too many Easter songs to choose. I’d need a list. See ya

  5. I have lots of favorites because they are fun to sing, but these are the most meaningful:

    1. Here Is My Heart (it holds me accountable).
    2. He Knows My Name (it carried me through my son’s cancer battle).
    3. No Other Gods (it keeps me focused).

  6. DJ, my all-time favorite is probably “It is Well with My Soul.” I have a lot of current favorites. Blessed be Your Name (Redman) is probably tops for me right now.

    • Tim, “It is Well” is one of the rare classics that never gets old. And for me that list of classics is quite small.
      And how can anyone disagree with “Blessed Be Your Name!!”
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Jamie-
      You first hand know of my love for both of these and especially “A Mighty Fortress,” that is, the new Christy Nockels version. So powerful…

  7. Hard to narrow down, but here are a few:

    Forever Reign – Hillsong
    From the Inside Out- Hillsong
    Where the Spirit of the Lord is – Passion (simple, but sticks in my head)
    Christ is Risen – Matt Maher
    You Are For Me – Kari Jobe

  8. We’re really blessed to be able to do a lot of new songs at our congregation that really haven’t been around yet. Right now my top three of our newest ones would be:

    Forever Reign
    Revelation Song

    Randy has a couple of new ones too. And we’ve been working on one together.

  9. Had It Not Been The Lord
    What the Lord Has Done In Me

    Everlasting God is challenging, but I like it

    Are you referring to even newer songs as well?

  10. Awakening and Revelation Song are two of my favorite contemporary worship songs of late, and I love “I am the Bread of Life” which can be found in Catholic and Episcopal hymnals. It is a powerful song for Easter, and easily done acapella.

    • Love all of those, Todd.
      And I do know “I Am the Bread of Life.”
      Another favorite of mine you may be familiar with is from the Pius X hymnal called “Spirit Seeking Light and Beauty.”

  11. DJ – check out Elevation Church’s new album “kingdom come”. Great songs with deep content. We do “give me faith” and looking to do “the church”. We play them with the band but they seem like they would arrange well for a cappella. Our church is digging “give me faith”, I highly recommend.

  12. I have been listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir most recently. The most recent recordings have several songs that are quickly becoming favorites. They are:
    1. Brother James Air (it’s a great arrangement of the 23rd Psalm)
    2. Consider the Lillies (again – a great arrangement of a hymn we have sung for years that really isn’t all that musically sound)
    3. Come Come Ye Saints – outside of part of one verse – the hymn is very needed in today’s environment.

    Thanks for your work on this

  13. 1 – God is Alive (Fee) is the newest one we’re doing, and I love it. Thanks DJ for a solid arrangement.
    2 – Our God (Tomlin)
    3 – Forever Reign

    The ones which are new-ish that I’m most excited about for Easter are: Who Can Satisfy My Soul?, Beautiful One, Days of Elijah, In Christ Alone, Before the Throne of God Above

  14. My current favorite is “Let God Arise.” I guess that’s the title; that phrase is repeated several times in the chorus anyway. Close behind are “Jesus Messiah” and “Forever.”

  15. Traveling with Coffee Group. Asking them which ones. LOVE “Christ is Risen” by Matt Maher! Currently, “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller ministers to me huge. “Revelation Song” and “I Will Rise” are great.

  16. Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong
    Christ is Risen – Matt Maher
    Death in His Grave – John Mark McMillan
    Beautiful Things – Gungor
    Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture
    ^My current obsession for the past three weeks or so.

  17. I just purchased an Elevation Worship’s latest album, Kiingdom Come. A couple of songs have instantly become my favs, “Holy Is the One” and ” Your Favor”. You can find chord harts for the entire album from their Elevation’s resource website. Excellent music rising right up out of the church’s staff.

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