It’s alive…barely.

The last month has been an absolute blur.
Vacation, research time in Nashville, 2 days in the office, 3 day conference, weekend…and finally, yesterday and today, I’m back in a normal rhythm.
I’ve been working diligently to get one branch of my research, called the LASTING HYMNS PROJECT, well underway.  Over 110 readers from across the country have been invited to join in this research with me as a part of informal data collection to see what people think are the truly Lasting Hymns people still need to be singing 100 years from now.  So many friends, scholars, musicians, ministers and people with a passion for hymns and hymnology have been so generously willing to participate and offer help.  I can’t wait to see what this first leg of results brings in.

What would you consider to be the truly lasting hymns?  Feel free to leave a comment or two…

But for now, a plea from a hymn-writer of years past.  Can you name the hymn that this line comes from (without artificial intelligence help…i.e., google)?

“Grant me the cleansing thy blood doth impart…”

May this simple prayer be our prayer as well…

6 thoughts on “It’s alive…barely.

  1. That’s a new one on me and I generally know my hymns pretty well. In fact, they make fun of me at my church for knowing the 3rd verses. Thanks for posting. And..just in case someone knows it without help, I’ll refrain from answering.

    As for hymns that are lasting: I think the ones that focus on the cross, the nature of God, heaven and our need are the ones that stick around..more titles later.

  2. I was going to say “Great is Thy Faithfulness” but I guess I fail since Susan got it correct. Well, as for some lasting hymns, I would say “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “Paradise Valley”, “Our God He is Alive”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Lord We Come Before Thee Now”. I’m sure I can think of more if I take more time. Something interesting to ponder, though. These were just of the few “oldies but goodies” that Dr. Shearin would sing on choir tour at churches in TN, AR, CA, TX. Gotta love those memories.

  3. You are getting nearer, still nearer, to something important here!

    Ken Young and a number of very well known CCM songwriters began a project several years ago to work on moving from anthem only to more real hymnody. I think we are seeing a lot more solid hymns in recent years.

    As for me, I love Chris Rice’s thoughtful and poetic lyrics going way back.


  4. “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

    “This is My Father’s World”

    “Be Thou My Vision”

    “The Ninety and Nine”

    Those are some of my favorites. I’m a medievalist so I tend to go for the ones that can be performed on a dulcimer or a folk instrument.

    (Of course, ANY song can be played with folk instruments, but some tunes lend themselves to these instruments more easily.)

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