The Renewed Mind is the Key…(To Why CofC’s are A Cappella!)

There are some unspoken reasons to why Churches of Christ are a cappella.
Take this video for example…This is what would happen if we went instrumental and started incorporating “planned choreography” into our worship!  (Thanks Mike for the link!)

4 thoughts on “The Renewed Mind is the Key…(To Why CofC’s are A Cappella!)

  1. I think my brain actually melted during that. It wasn’t even the fact that it was choreography, but *what* they did with it. Oy.

    I do think eventually the Church will have a renewal in dance/movement during worship, but once I did cut through the plastic coming from at least 2/3 of the team, I still couldn’t get around him moving his head over, as if it wasn’t fully attached to his neck. *chuckles* Guess now we’ve seen his holy head moves.

  2. Lucas and I have been watching this over and over since Mike posted it. Almost as good as “Jesus is my Friend.” However, I can tell you that beyond a shadow of a doubt, a CofC going instrumental would never result in this! Even if they were actually able to get past the instruments, they’d never be able to get past the dancing! 🙂

    PS- First instrumental night of worship at South Mac was a SMASHING success!

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