Steve Green

Steve Green is a legend in the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) world…He got his start as a back-up singer for the Gaither Trio in the late 70’s…among his other back-up singers were the great bass Lee Young and a young lady named Sandi Patti…not to bad of a group, I imagine.

He’s got a new album (two actually) that I’m digesting called “Always: Songs of Worship…”  His smooth vocal style and brilliant skill as a writer shine through…but not only on the songs he’s written or co-written with others like Jon Mohr (Find Us Faithful).  But he sings a few current “top 40” worship songs like “Indescribable,” “In Christ Alone,” Worthy is the Lamb,” just to name a few.  It’s a really good album…

Just a taste of one song on that album in video form from the recent Gaither Vocal Band reunion…

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  1. Steve is probably one of my favorite male vocalists of all times. His voice is so clear and pure compared to many others who try to force a particular sound. He just does his own thing. Thanks for sharing this!

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