Facebook…Twitter…MySpace…Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, Websites, Kindle, Audio Books, iPhones…the list goes on and on for ways we are communicating in this day of rapidly increasing technology.

But it seems to me, at least in several circumstances I’m familiar with, that the church is letting this technology and it’s capacity to communicate to an e-world pass it by.  I’m thinking this morning about communications and church…about this question.  How can a church seeking to participate in the mission of God do that more fully by embracing the many technological tools that are available at its ready disposal?

How is your church using things like Facebook, Twitter, and other things to communicate what’s going on in your churches, what God is doing among you?  How can we use it to the fullest without it becoming too complicated and becoming more important than the message we are seeking to communicate?

It is quite a dilemma…

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