Spirit-ual Worship Leadership…Dr. Mark Roberts

This section is something I read in the new Worship Leader magazine I received a few days ago…Too often I just take a casual glance through these when I could be reading some really really good stuff if I’d just take a little time and slow down and become a sponge…

Dr. Roberts says…

“When we lead people in worship, our job is not to whip up some ‘spirit’ of enthusiasm, joy, or even repentance.  Rather, we seek to facilitate true Spirit-ual-ity, a life-changing encounter between our people and the Spirit of God who is present within and among them.  Through our songs, readings, urgings, and prayers, we are not trying to produce an effect in people so much as to help them be open to the sovereign work of the Spirit…We will do this most effectively when we are also open to the Spirit in our leadership.  As we attend to the still small voice of the Spirit, as we allow the Spirit to give gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy through us, our people will be renewed in their spirits by the Holy Spirit of God…This is truly spiritual worship leadership.”

(Roberts, M.R.  Spiritual worship leadership.  Worship Leader Magazine, Vol. 18(3), p. 14.

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  1. How much of this idea of “allowing the Spirit to move” can be better facilitated by planning well and spending time as church leaders/staff really praying and seeking God’s movement in the service? It seems that this has been lost in all the planning…which often means (at least in my experience) throwing a fews songs down on paper and going to the lectionary or other means of text selecting so that we can get on to the “more important” things of ministry.

    Thanks for opening the floor for reflection and discussion.

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